Getting It Together

Pin It Well, the big turkey celebration has come and gone.  I still like my turkeys best.  And I should keep it a secret because I've never even been asked to cook one for the big family dinner.  I hope you all had as much fun with the family as I did.  This was a great year.  I think as my kids get older I really do get to enjoy more.  I don't have to spend time (or as much) checking on their every move, changing diapers, racing potty training kids to the potty, you get my drift.  I miss those days in some ways.  But really, I have so much more fun with the kids the older they get!

So, my goal this week is to finish Christmas cards.  I really should have started that a while ago.  I also need to get my youngest some jammie pants made.  She has announced that all of hers give her wedgies.  So, even though I think she is exaggerating, I will practice my sewing skills on some pants before I tackle something more challenging.

I will post pics as I get those cute cards going. I will probably not post sewing pics as they could be full of me looking really frustrated.

Have a great day!

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