Crafting Day!

Pin It Oh my goodness!  I have been trying so hard to get my two home schooled kiddos done early so we can enjoy a really long Christmas break.  My son only has one lesson and a test left!  So today is officially crafting day!  I am so excited!

I will take my camera with me and try to get pictures.  But here are linkies to the ideas I was going to use:

I think this pinecone ornament is gorgeous!  I am changing it up a bit to make it cheaper, so we'll see how it goes.

I love this star, and there are a few variations.  I forgot to grab some old books though.  So I will not be making this today unless I get back to DI.  It is on my list of things I plan to do, though.

This snowball is so cute and vintage!  I have to make it.  I had quilt batting in my basement waiting for a use!

I think these are gorgeous!  I had trees needing some pruning, so it the weather will hold off for a bit I will see about getting that done!  I have no idea where I will put them, but I want to make them anyway.

And I am going to make a knock off of Pottery Barn's Noel.  I can't resist!

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