Pottery Barn Knock-Off Gone Original

Pin It So another craft we made was supposed to be a Pottery Barn knock-off.  But we ended up changing it around and liked it better a different way.  I think if I had gotten really big letters I would have still made it into a knock off.  But the letters we ended up with, because it was tricky to find the ones we needed, were super huge, nor were they as stack-able as I thought they were.

Original idea can be found here.
I  must say I love all things metal.  And it if is metal with glitter then I am just all the more in love.  My Christmas decor theme is "glitter".  I don't have a set color, because I have color issues.  I love them all.  So I pretty much use glitter to make it all mesh.

We started by laying the letters out, and I didn't like the ones I bought when they were stacked like this original.  They were not proportioned the same way.  So we played around with them, and we decided to leave them in a line, and make them a mantle piece.  Then after prepping another set of words, and more playing, we really like them stacked on top of each other.  So here is what we did, and how.

So this one is my favorite.  I loved the Renaissance Brown with the silver. (It will look fabulous on a fireplace mantle instead of a chair, too.)

 This was the first one we did, and I like the silver better than the gold.  But, I didn't feel much like sanding it and starting over.  So gold and bronzish it is.

We painted them with a few different craft paints.  This one is Gleams Silver, and then we used some tacky glue to "drip" on it and added silver glitter.

This one has gold metallic paint and then gold glitter, done the same way as the silver letters.

To place the letters, we used a straight board to line the bottoms up, then we glued the "NOEL" in place. After it dried I flipped it over and used a staple gun in the back to help them be more sturdy.  (The NOEL letters are actually just chipboard).  The "JOY" letters are wood, and we lined them up the same way, but hot glued them onto the "NOEL".


  1. I think this is darling -- much better than the PB one!

  2. Thank you! I like it a lot actually! I need to take pics of it now that it is on the mantle, it looks great there!