Christmas Crafting

Pin It I realize I am not the first to make these advent calendars.  But, this is the first creative spree I've had in a couple of years.  I went back to school to work on my art degree, and that pretty much killed any free time I ever hoped to find.  I have been back at home since summer, but I started home schooling my younger two kids.  And finally, after two months of working on making a schedule that stuck, and missing my free time and seriously, maybe desperately, needing my crafting time, I have finally found a way to make it work!

I have invested in another sewing machine.  I swore I never would.  I actually found a huge relief come from my teen causing my other one to need repairs earlier in the spring.  I was so glad when it happened!  But, that is when you realize how much you use the blasted things for little fixes.  And then I made the mistake of walking through the sewing department at Wal-mart, only looking for some safety pins for a Halloween party.  I walked right by the machines, and they were nicer than my old one, and less than I'd spent on it.  So, I decided it would be *wise* to get a functioning machine again.

I have the machine out of the box, on the table.  I bought fabric, washed it, folded it, set it near the table.  and now I have total anxiety!  I will work myself up to the sewing.  For the time being I am making crafts instead.

This week I have worked on some cute little muffin tin advent calendars, that every stay at home mom has made but me.  And I also crafted some cookie sheet count downs.  My kids were so excited to see me making things again!  How sad they've forgotten what my room used to look like!  I have to keep my area more clean this go around as I am doing everything in my bedroom.  But, the crafting is back,and it makes me so happy!

I will be back to post pictures of the little crafts and the "how-to" in case I am not the only stay at home mom that didn't yet have these little beauties!  First, I really have to get the kids up and moving for school.  Priorities...